Thursday, May 9, 2013


Well my friends, the journey has come to an end.
Yesterday we left the from Barcelona at 8am to go to the airport. It was a sad moment saying goodbye to the kids and to Jordi and Ane. I had my alarm set at 6:45 and at 6:55 here comes little Jordi knocking on my door to hang out with me before leaving that morning. It was the sweetest thing... we looked through all of my pictures and talked about keeping in touch through Skype! Naora was still sleeping, but I went to give her a hug and say goodbye.. it took her a minute, but she jumped up and gave me a big hug and then on the way out the door, she came running to me with a sweet little bracelet. SO sweet.. that entire family! I'm truly going to miss them!!! I have been assured that I will always have a bed to sleep in at Barcelona though..and was told that I was like a second daughter.. I got a little teary eyed when leaving...

 We had a 10 hour flight from Barcelona to Miami.. It was a super long flight!!! At Miami, we had about a 3 hour layover so we of course had to eat some TGI Fridays, which was so yummy!
We sat around and rested a bit before we took off for Nashville, which was a 2 hour flight.. You better believe we were all sound asleep on this flight. We got back and as soon as we came around the corner from the terminal I could feel tears about to stream out of me.. I saw my mom and sister down the hall and kinda started fast walking/running to greet them.. And yes this is when I lost it.. Happy Happy tears! It was a great moment and I'm so glad to be reunited. I still haven't seen my dad or little sister, but I will on Saturday, of which I will be an emotional mess again.

So today I have really gone non stop. I woke up at 5:30 this morning and immediately started to do laundry. Mom and I went to get breakfast and she headed back home.. then I showered..which was about 30 minutes!! I ran some errands on campus.. got my graduation cords and stoles and then met with Dr. Carter for a de-briefing interview. I then went to the mall to look for a graduation dress and had success, thank goodness! I have been working on decorating my graduation cap and trying to unpack a little bit. My room is a disaster, but I love being home...and of course with my sister!!!!

Overall, this trip was just simply AMAZING and something I never thought I would be experiencing.
I cannot believe I will be graduating in just 2 short days. I truly want to thank EVERYONE who has helped me get to this point and for all the support on the way. I have so so much to be thankful for and thank God every day for everyone and everything in my life. Even though this trip was only 1 month, I have learned a lot about myself and have gained many great experiences that I will have forever!

Thanks for keeping up with me and my blogs!!!
It's great to be home!

Love you all!

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