Thursday, May 2, 2013

Last week at Santa Isabel and Barcelona..

Well this week has been a bit different.. in a good way of course!
Monday and Tuesday morning at school was a bit stressful. All of 2nd grade had a public class where the parents of students were invited to come in and observe classes and to see what we have been learning about. I, of course was part of the English class, but parents also watched classes of Spanish and Catalan. The lesson was only a 20 minute lesson, but very stressful for a teacher and a student teacher from the USA. Both classes both morning went very well and Mrs. Olinkha and I were both very pleased with the performance and concentration during the lessons. So Monday was a pretty easy day, as we had the public class in the morning, then a morning break, and we practiced our lesson with both classes the rest of the day and the girls had swimming...which they always love. Tuesday was a super easy day, as I normally have about a 3 hour break, it was 4 hours! It was great and I was actually productive with my time. Big girl world is starting to set in and I'm trying to do all I can to be less stressed when arriving back to the states and life after graduation. SOOOO...
Then on Wednesday, there was no school!! It was like a Labor Day in America.
We set out early to take advantage of the the full day we had. We started out for Sagrada Familia where  my breath was just taken away.. This is a large Catholic Church, designed again by the famous architect, Gaudi. It was a church that began its works in 1882 and they are still adding to it today and will for the next 20-30 years.. It was so amazing..the stain-glassed windows were my favorite for sure!

  At the what is going to be the new entrance into Sagrada Familia!

So after we finished our tour here, we got some lunch and ventured off toward the Gothic Village part of town. We found some very pretty and old buildings, and some stunning churches and cathedrals! We walked and walked and walked forever in search of the Chocolate Museum, and soon found out that it was closed for the day, being a holiday. So anyways.. we then decide to stay downtown to watch the Barca game. We found a nice little fun Sports Bar to watch it at and we just felt at home and like a local.. trying to fit in as best as we could. It was a good day/night.

But today was VERY tiring!! I believe all of this ripping and running 24/7 is catching up to me fast. School was wonderful and I continue to feel like a superstar around my sweet girls.. They seriously attach to me and tell me that they aren't going to let me leave.. They are SO sweet and I'm definitely going to miss them. I can't believe we only have 2 more days at the school. I'm going to miss a lot about the school.. the teachers are SO nice and it's a great school!
We got to take pictures today with my sweet girls that I've been talking SO much about.. Here they are below.. and the 5th grade boys I have for Art once a week are below also (but they were taken last week)
So yes, I love all the students.. they are all so cute over here in Spain.. Everyone.. so pretty and handsome.. not meaning this in a bad way, but I haven't seen like one bad looking person over here.. it's weird! Ha so anyways.. here are my kiddos that I only have 2 more days with....:(

Just a few of the 5th grade boys.. the others were either in trouble.. or up to trouble ;)

My SWEEEEEETT Girls!!! 2nd A


                     2nd B

They are SO precious!!!!

After school Tayler, Kelsey, and I ventured off to Mount Tibidabo.. which at the top is where the best view of the city is.. well long story short.. we walked and walked and walked...up hill.. finally making a smart decision to walk back down.. We thought there would be some kind of lift or bus or something that would take us to the top, but hey we're tourists.. we don't know anything.. so I don't want to say it was a wasted trip, but we didn't get to go to the top. It was still fun though and we definitely got our exercise. 

I'm so excited for school tomorrow to take in these last two days!

Bye for now. and I hope you all have a very Happy Friday!!! :))

P.S... get excited.. I'm off to Paris this wknd!! City of Romance!!!!! ohhh la la

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