Sunday, April 28, 2013

Weekend in Sitges

Happy Sunday!

It's still raining (trying to clear up) in Barcelona and definitely a lazy kind of day! Tayler, Kenzie, and me traveled to Sitges this weekend.. which is a beach right outside of Barcelona. It was about a 40 minute train ride. We sat out on Saturday around 1pm and of course made a stop at Starbucks first to get coffee and free wifi! We then ventured out to find the correct train station.. which we finally found and then were on our way.

When we arrived it was beautiful.. surrounded by mountains and the sea was so pretty! We really had know idea where to go or which way to go to find where we were staying, so we just started walking and found a cafe with wifi to look it up and set our maps on our phones. We finally walked a pretty good ways to our address of the apartments we were staying at, which then to find out we were to check in at a totally different place.. we walked to this place to check in.. which was so SO far away. We tried catching a bus to take us back to the apartments for the second time but really had no idea where we were and were just wasting time, as the bus kept going in circles.. no where near where we needed to be. So we just got off and started to walk with a pretty straight stretch to the apartments. We finally got there to put our backpacks down and rest and charge our phones a little. We the set back out to find a cool little sports bar we found from walking earlier that we would sit and eat and drink at for the night. Turns out, we were right on time.. The Barca game was playing and we got a table just in time. The food at this sports bar was AMAZING.. we got chicken nachos and cheese sticks for an appetizer and then I ordered a Club sandwich with french fries.. which was also amazing!! We stayed here most of the night until about 10ish because we were feeling very tired.

We got to sleep in this morning a little and had plans to sit and enjoy the sand and beach, BUT it was pouring down rain all morning so we decided to just come straight back to Barcelona. When we got back we did eat at Hard Rock Cafe and it was delicious!!!!

I am not back at the apartment, I've showered, and now just being lazy on the couch. I'm still very very tired and may try to take a nap soon!!

9 more days and I will be coming home!! Can't wait to see you all!!!

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