Thursday, April 25, 2013

A rainy day in Barcelona..

Hola Friends,

Today has been a dreary and much cooler day in Barcelona. School was crazy busy as my teacher has been getting stuff ready for next week. Monday and Tuesday parents will be coming in for 20 minutes to view a lesson prepared by each of the 2nd grade teachers. We're doing an awesome activity will classifying and sorting materials, and also recognizing old and new inventions. It's going to be super fun, but I have been cutting material cards, laminating them, and then cutting them again for the past 3 days and finally finished today in time for the girls to do a run through before the real thing on Monday and Tuesday. It's been a great day and week, but I am just drained!!!
Also at school today, after working on cutting laminated cards and a short meeting with Kristin (our goto person here), I walk into the 2nd class a little late and the girls start clapping for me. I had no idea what was going on and they all ran up and crowded around me. Some of the girls had gotten together to make a little book of drawings and pictures for me, along with a little flower ring and flower earrings from two of the girls.. It was the sweetest thing and absolutely made my day! They are SO sweet!!

So after school we had plans to just go downtown and hang out, in a free wifi spot of course, but it was  raining right after school so I just decided to walk on home and take a nap.. Now my friends, this is the FIRST nap I have taken since I've been here and it was AMAZING!! I feel like I was out forever, but only about 45 minutes. So yes I am now fully refreshed and a little rested ready to tackle on Friday and the weekend..
Speaking of the weekend.. it's also supposed to rain in Barcelona all weekend. :(
We have made plans to travel to a town right outside of Barcelona called Sitges which has a beautiful, non tourist, beach!!! So we are super pumped and just hoping and praying for good weather!!

That is about all for now. I'm still loving it here, but the more the days pass by, I keep thinking about getting home to see my family and friends.. and of course graduate!!! It was funny, today at lunch a few of us were talking about who was picking us up at the airport.. I hope all my family gets to come, because our flight won't get into Nashville until 10:20pm, but we were thinking about it and saying how we were all going to just throw our stuff down, run, and hug our family and friends as we cry.. just like on the movies! So yes we are all kind of getting excited to get home, but still love it here and am enjoying every minute of it. We only have 12 more days until we leave for the airport to come home!!

Hope all is well in the states!!
Love you all!

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