Monday, April 15, 2013

First Weekend!

Yes I am a little behind and have A LOT to catch you up on.. so here goes.

Friday, April 12
School was great! I could totally get used to having short breaks throughout the day and the nice long 1 hour and 15 minute lunch break every day! For lunch we found a little bar restaurant place that 1) looked nice 2) they had Coke! 3) they had English menus and 4) their fries were the best! I got a hamburger and french fries..the hamburger was okay, just not what I am used to. We then went across the street to The Chocolate Box where they had the most amazing strawberry cheesecake!
After school I came back home with Jordi who had a friend over. Naora was at a friend's house playing. I Skyped my mom and dad and they also got to talk to Jordi (the dad) and Jordi (the little boy), and later on Ane (the mom). It was great and I'm so happy to have a great host family that feels like my own.
Ane was going to the airport to get her boarding pass for her flight that leaves in the morning. She's going to Honduras for 15 days for a work conference. She wanted to go ahead and get checked in to save time early Saturday morning before leaving out. I went with her and when we got there, the American Airlines counter was closed..She said it was a wasted trip, but we still ad a great time talking.. she told me many stories about her experience flying and dealing with American people in Miami. She's so funny and very nice!
We then went to pick up Naora at her friends house where I met the parents and children.. they were very nice too and spoke a little English..which is always comforting. We then went back home where Ane's sister, Susana, and her husband, Oscar, who speaks English very well were here along with another friend. I had been having problems with my phone connecting to wifi at the apartment, even though my laptop connects so Oscar..being a tech super smart person, wanted to get to the bottom of it and figure out why it wouldn't connect. He seriously was working with it for like 2 hours and called some different people to try to get it to work.. Unfortunately he could not figure it out, and still says that he's not finished trying. I told him that it's really not a big deal, it just doesn't make sense at all of why it will not work.
So we then got the kids to bed and talked a little and then had dinner. It was penne pasta and was SO good!!! We had a great dinner and talked about lots of things. Somehow The Harlem Shake got brought up and Jordi brought out his computer to show everyone The Harlem Shake that we made at Easter. It was so funny and we watched it like 5 times laughing harder and harder each time. Everything was great! We were talking and they were telling me funny stories about each other. It was a great night...we stayed up and talked until about 2 in the morning.

Saturday, April 13
Ane had to leave early in the morning to catch her flight for Honduras. Jordi took her and I slept in a little. Kenzie, Kelsey, Tayler, and me had plans to go venture around Barcelona and see an attraction today at 8:45. I got up to shower and get ready and the little boy (Jordi) had already woken up and was watching cartoons in the living room.
When we met we decided to go see Parc Guell for the day.. Kelsey and I both had to be back by 3:30 to do things with our families....

Really fast.. Today is now Monday, April 15 and on Monday's I don't have to be at school until 9:45, which is great. But I am about to leave so I will catch you up on the rest of Saturday and Sunday later on today or tonight. I'm sure you have seen some of my pictures on Facebook.. and yes I am having a great time!!

Have a great day and I will be back to finish soon! :)

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