Monday, April 15, 2013

Parc Guell and A Beautiful Sunday in Barcelona!

So Saturday was a fun day! 
We went to Parc Guell...which is a large garden with amazing architecture. It was built between 1900-1914 by Antoni Gaudi (a very famous architect from Barcelona), and was later made into a park in 1922. It was absolutely beautiful and I could have spent all day there! It was path after path with beautiful scenery and flowers that kept getting higher and higher. We made it to the very top where we found a cross on a huge stone that looked over all of Barcelona! It was breathtaking..those are the only words to describe it!! Throughout the park there were lots of people playing music and they were very good. We came across a band with about 7 players (Jamaican, I think) and they were awesome. They music was so awesome that we had to buy their cd...Not to mention some of the players were pretty good lookin'!! After leaving the park we went to a small cafe where we split a pitcher of Sangria which was muy beuno!

We then had to make it back quickly in order to be with our families. One of my children had a tennis match and I promised to go watch it.. We had to make our way back to the metro..which is very confusing... and wait, wait, and wait for the next subway. At first we were at the wrong stop, but thank goodness we noticed and ran over to the next really fast, but still missing the current train. Funny thing...we heard and saw another train coming, but little did we was not stopping. Kelsey, Tayler, and I all three leaned back as the train flew by...we didn't really know what to think!!! So we finally got on our stop and then ran back to our apartments. We thankfully both made it in time to leave with our families. 
We went to a club they are members of where Jordi had a tennis match. It was very nice and good to stay out in the sun. It is so beautiful in Barcelona and definitely something I can get used to. So Naroa and I played tennis on our own on a separate court.. She is so so cute and I think..I hope she really enjoys me being around and playing with her. 
We then met up again that night to go girls! The first place we went was of course a free wifi our first choice was Starbucks.. We were waiting on Kelsey to meet us downtown and after waiting for about an hour, found out she was lost....So we finally connected to wifi with her and she was at the Apple store...that seems to be our central spot.. easy to find, and free wifi!!! We found her and were all a little freaked out.. We saw a McDonald's and immediately said yes yes McDonald's it is.. we needed some American in our lives. I will say this... People in Barcelona LOVE McDonalds... it was packed!!...and also very very good for us, but very expensive!
We then just walked down Las Ramblas (a very famous street for lots of bars, with young people, and lots of pickpockets for us tourists, especially from America! So we were literally walking down the street with death grips on our purses... Oh I forgot to mention this.. On the way to meet Kelsey we had two girls stop us trying to get us to come to their store having a big sale on bras.. 5 euros each.. which is a great deal..They were begging us, so we told them we had to go get our friend and then we would be back. And you better believe we did.. We all got 1 or more and love them!!!! 
We found the sea and then sat down to have a pitcher of Sangria. We walked back to the fountains (a central point) and then found a cab to take us back to our apartments.. we didn't want to fool with trying to find the right metro. We got dropped off and of course I couldn't get my key to work at the apartment.. I was almost to tears, but it finally budged and you better believe I ran in.. I was exhausted! But I'm not the only one.. Tayler has trouble getting her key to work also. Ha :)

I slept so good that night and got to sleep in a little bit before church on Sunday! On the way, Jordi (the dad) said he had a surprise for me.. Turns out the church we were going to was an ENGLISH MASS! I was so happy and loved every minute of mass. Although I caught myself fast.. Over here in Barcelona, they have yet to convert to the new way of saying mass.. you Catholics know what I'm talking about.. so yes, I was following along with that exception. Also, it was so great.. they played one of my grandma's (Carlita) favorite songs and I was singing it so proudly...well softly so no one could hear...but it was very VERY she was there with me! Ahhhh, I loved it!!!

So after church we went back to their club where Jordi and Naroa had a swimming party. It was so nice.. we dropped them off to swim and we went to sit up on the terrace where Jordi surprised me again with a Coke!!! Ha, it was exactly what I needed! So we sat up there for a while and I met some of Jordi's friends. It was very nice and relaxing sitting in the beautiful Barcelona sun!

Kenzie and I met up after we got home and went back downtown and wanted to walk to the beach. It was very hot and we walked all day. The beach was so pretty, but very crowded and definitely a tourist spot. We had another pitched of Sangria and tried to relax while enjoying, yet again, the Barcelona sun!! 

We then walked very far back to the fountains to get on the metro. We finally made it to the right one and it was smooth sailing from there. I came home and a Barca game was on. Susana and Oscar were over and Naroa was in a fairy costume with Jordi in his Barca jersey... it was so cute!!! We had dinner.. Jordi cooked peas (my favorite)  and ham for me.. it was very good!!!

I then went to bed somewhat early because that beautiful Barcelona sun had gotten to me.. I was exhausted!!!

I love it here and can't believe it has already been a week! 
We venture off to Rome this weekend and I am beyond excited!!!!

Sending love all the way to Kentucky!!!!! 

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