Wednesday, April 10, 2013

First day at the school....and some adventure!

Today was perfecto! Even though I am still very tired, the day went by really fast and I absolutely loved the school. 
I woke up around 7:30 not really knowing where I was, as if I were still in a dream, but yes I am in Barcelona, and am loving it!!
I got to school in the playground area, where all of the kids are lined up by class. I look around and all I see are kids, everywhere. I said goodbye to little Jordi and then was in search of my class of girls. I was walking around and then I see Kenzie, thank goodness. I see my teacher and are both very excited to start my first day. All of the little girls are staring at me and when I look at them and smile, they all just laugh. They were so cute, trying to talk to me in English. 

The day went by really fast. In the morning there was a class of English and then PE with the same group of girls. We then had a 30 minute break where we went to the teacher's lounge and I had to drink a coke to get me going for the day. After that break, I had another class of girls for English and Science.  Both of the girls classes were so sweet and adorable. They were all so giddy and excited for me to be there hugging all over me and asking lots of questions. 

We then had another short break while the kids were in a different class. My teacher, Mrs Olinkha, took me out around the school to show me little shops and mostly places to eat. She showed me a supermarket also, which I went to after school. Here's the best part about today, well one of them: Our lunch was 1 hour and 15 mins long!! It was amazing. I could take my time to eat and socialize with others and then still had time to walk around and get familiar with the school. We went to see the pool, gym, and basketball court downstairs. After our awesome long, much needed lunch break, I was in for a surprise. We then had a class of 5th grade boys teaching art. I will just say that I am so so so thankful and glad that we only have this group once a week. I know they are boys and in the 5th grade, but goodness were they wild. It was insane. There was lots of disrespect towards the teacher and to each other. It was just not the normal behavior I am used to. After that art class, I was done for the day,,,woo hooo, I got out 30 mins early.. that only happens on Wednesdays. 

So I came back to the apartment trying to get my phone wifi situation scared away..long story, not worth talking about, bottom line, my wifi doesn't work at the apartment of my phone. No bueno. But Kenzie and I then decided to go walk around downtown and I wanted to find the Apple store to see if there was anything I could do with my phone. So here we go, we meet in front of the school and then proceed to the metro. This was my first time on the metro and it was a bit scary. Thank goodness it wasn't too busy. 4 stops later, we arrived downtown and we just started walking! We took pictures and were just taking in the beautiful city around us. We then finally came across the  Apple store and was so excited. Here's the funny thing: I wasn't sure if they would have a worker who spoke English, so of course I translated a paragraph explaining my problem from Google translate to give to a worker to try and understand me. Well the first guy we went up to to help us spoke English.. thank goodness!!!! He told me that he doesn't know why it's not connecting, because right there in the store it connected to their wifi with no problem. It's just crazy and a mystery of why my phone is deciding not to work. 

So we then start to head back toward our homes and we wanted to stop and get a glass of wine. We stopped at this nice little cafe where Kenzie ordered a nice sweet white wine for me, which was good... and I don't drink wine. We witnessed an argument between the management and a customer after the customer dropped and broke his glass, and then was kicked out of the cafe. Even though they were speaking in Spanish, we knew it was getting heated. 

We started heading back and of course we begin to get lost, not recognizing any of the buildings. We continue walking for about 20 minutes and then finally decide to just get a cab, because it was already getting late and we told our families we would be home. We got back, thank goodness and then walked back to our separate apartments. When I got in, Jordi (the little boy) met me at the door to come watch the Barca game with him. (soccer). He was so excited. Ane cooked me chicken, which was very good with cream also, which from what I understand was just a blend of lots of vegetables.. it was very good! I've take a shower for the night and then watched the rest of the Barca soccer game... and THEY WON!!! It was great, and it's so cute to see how big of a fan Jordi is. 

So I am now laying in bed ready to go to sleep. It is 11:34 pm here and the morning will be here soon. 
I'm excited for tomorrow and think I am slowly but surely getting adjusted to the time change and being here. 

Have a wonderful day/night!!
Much love from Barcelona!!! :)

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