Thursday, April 11, 2013

It's already Friday...almost!

Well it is 12:00 am and I cannot believe tomorrow is already Friday. Even though, when I think about my day and all that I did, it seems very long, but the days go by really fast..especially while at school.

I got to teach in both Science classes today at school to the 2nd grade girls. We were learning about factories and the service industry. The students loved it and were sitting there staring at me listening to my pronunciation of different words. I am also teaching again tomorrow in Science!

This morning and all day the girls were amazed and so excited to hear me speak Spanish. By no means do I know a lot, but I would say buenos dias, hola, por favor, muy bonita, etc and they just thought it was the funniest thing and would keep asking me to say different phrases just so they can hear it and just giggle. The are precious and I literally feel like a movie star every time they see me.. Miss Abby, Miss Abby, Miss Abby! I love it! Toward the end of the day I got to introduce Big Red to them and explained that it is the mascot of where I go to school. I gave the class the "Big Red Book" that talks about all the different places around WKU and a little stuffed animal of Big Red! They loved it and asked so many questions after I read the book to them.

For lunch today we went right outside the school to a pasts place, which was pretty good. I was able to drink a Coke, which was fabulous! Everyone is very nice and immediately knows that we are Americans. Whether we're at the supermarket, a restaurant, or on the street everyone is very helpful.. for the most part, which is very good. For example we went out to walk around downtown more tonight and we were totally lost and could not find the correct metro to get on to go back to our apartments. We asked 3 different people of where to go and to point us in the right direction. Luckily, they spoke English, thought we were nuts, and we were on our way. Needless to say, we didn't make it to the metro they were explaining to us, but we finally just got a taxi to bring us home, after we found out the metro closes at 10pm anyways....Lesson learned. While downtown, we also found a massive store...el cortez ingles....which apparently has lots of American things, including hair straighteners, which I need. I'm finally home and about to go to bed!

But before, I also stayed after school to watch Jordi practice soccer.. he was very good and I enjoyed it very much...Not to mention his coaches.. jk, I think they were a little too young.

But for now, it's been another great day and I can't wait until tomorrow and the days to come. We have plans this weekend to just stay in Barcelona to travel around and take tours. I am finally almost adjusted from the time change and feel right at home. My family is absolutely wonderful and fun, which is a plus!

Buenas Noches!!! Happy Friday to those in America!!!

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