Wednesday, April 24, 2013

St. Jorid's Day


I am writing this today on Wednesday, but I am talking all about yesterday, which was Tuesday, April 23. Yesterday was a big celebration for the people in Barcelona. St Jordi's (George's (english) Day! This celebration is very similar to our Valentine's Day but less over rated. To be short and sweet, it's about a Saint who came to save a Princess from a dragon and saved a whole village from this dragon. (youtube/google it). It was such a fun day at school celebrating. It is tradition for the guys on this day to give a rose to the girls and the girls to give the guys a book. 
I woke up to Jordi (the dad) giving me a rose and in return I had a book to give Jordi (the little boy). It was The Cat in the Hat and he loved it. The day at school was full of activities and celebration of this holiday. Snacks (very good sweets) were sold on the playground during break time and my teacher was oh so sweet to buy me a cookie made of a rose, of course after I had a yummy brownie with powdered sugar. After lunch, each of my two English classes performed a small skit of the story of St. Jordi.. It was the cutest thing. The primary director also surprised us with candy gummy roses for the teachers, which was a very nice gift from the school. 

After school, it is very popular to go and just walk downtown on the streets.. especially Las Rambla.. One of the most popular streets. Imagine a Ham Days like in Lebanon x10. It was super crowded full of booths of roses and books for sale. It was super fun though and very interesting to see how they celebrate this day here in Barcelona. 

Another highlight of yesterday was the Barca played (soccer folks). The parents of Jordi and Ane's sister as well as brother in law came over to celebrate both St. Jordi's Day and the game of course. We had a great dinner, in which we ate in the living room while watching the game.. I love it.. Barca futbol to them is like UK basketball to me... it's like a religion. But anyways, we had Spanish omelets and lots of bread and snack food for dinner. The spanish omelet is eggs and potatoes and it was delicious!!! Unfortunately Barca lost, but it was very fun to sit and hang out with the family that night. 

I love it here in Barcelona and can't believe two weeks from today we will be on a plane to come home. Yes I miss everyone at home, but yes I could also stay in Barcelona forever! It's amazing guys!

Love to all.. Happy Wednesday!! :)

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