Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Happy Tuesday!!

Today was wonderful!!

School was great...get this. I had over a 3 hour break!!! From 11 until after lunch (2:45) I was free!!! That does NOT happen in Kentucky schools! I thought it would go by so slow, but it didn't at all. I graded some papers and looked up information for our ROME trip this weekend!!! Today was a very easy day at school! I love every day at Santa Isabel! It's a great school, very different than in Kentucky, but I still love it and the girls I teach are just the sweetest. My teacher is wonderful as well as all of the other teachers at the school.

We went out for lunch today.. called Los Tomas... and it was good. They are famous for their potatoes. I had chicken, potatoes, and eggs, with bread of course. It was really good..but when it was time to pay.. we felt like complete idiots. The workers there either a) didn't understand or speak any English or b) were just annoyed with us American teachers coming into their restaurant. One of the two..but it was still a good place to eat.

After school, Kenzie, Kelsey, Tayler, and me once again ventured downtown. We now have the metro down pat and know exactly where we are going and how to get back.. which is a plus! We went to a HUGE store called Corte English which is like a Macy's x 10! It was a huge store with 6+ levels and had everything you could think of. We then went across the street to H&M where all four of us found some great deals!! Shopping therapy...gotta love it!

So I got home to the kids eating their dinner. Naroa immediately gave me a hug and was smiling ear to ear. I love both Jordi and Naroa so much.. they are so cute and fun to be around. I helped Jordi with his spelling words and then we played some English games on the computer and he read some English stories to me.. He is very good at speaking English.

Jordi(the dad) then cooked dinner for me. He made homemade french fries (which I'm pretty sure my sweet sweet mama told him was one of my favorites) ;) and we also had some kind of beef. I'm not sure of what it was, but it was muy bien! (very good)!

Okay.. now for the highlight of the day!!
In the middle of all of that I was chatting with my mom on Skype. She said she didn't have service and had to talk fast. Before I know it she is video calling me and when I accept.. there I see my mom, and two of my aunts (Denise and Benita) I was so surprised and so so happy to see them.. as they were to see me too :) I then got another call later to find another one of my aunts (Karen) AND my grandpa!!! It was such a sweet moment for my grandpa talking to him over a computer from Spain! Today has been wonderful and that was just the icing on the cake!!!

I am now getting ready for bed until tomorrow!! Wish me luck.. I have the 5th grade boys tomorrow for Art!!!

Prayers to all those in Boston AND to my wonderful grandma who is having a surgery as I speak this afternoon in Kentucky!! Sending my prayers that way!

Love you ALL!

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  1. I'm pretty sure I ate at the restaurant and ordered the exact same thing haha! Naroa and Jordi seem soooo very sweet!

    It sounds like you had a fabulous happy for you! You forgot to mention one small part about your day though...Skype with your favorite big sister!

    Have fun teaching the boys Art! They're going to love you Miss Abby!